Parenting Tips

This is our Parenting Tips Page. Please click on a link below to view the fact sheet. If there is an area you would like to know more about that isnt listed below, please Contact Us and we will assist you in any way we can.

  Safety, Health & Hygiene   Child Development  & Hurdles
A Parents Guide to Caring for your Pre-Schooler  (Pdf) Encouraging Toddlers Creative & Artistic Development  (Pdf)
Introducing good sleeping habbits  (Pdf) 30 ways to increase a childs confidence     (Pdf)
A Parent's Guide To Healthy Eating for Under 5's (Pdf) Supporting a shy preschooler  (Pdf)
Encouraging an Active Lifestyle  (Pdf) Ages and Stages of Children s Speech    (Pdf)
National Immunisation Schedule  (Pdf) The importance of play    (Pdf)
Treating and preventing common colds    (website Link) Toileting Tips   (Pdf)
The wiggles - Wiggle into Health (website Link) Toilet Training (website link)
Looking after young teeth  (website Link)  Separation Anxiety  (Pdf)
Some infectious diseases of children     (Pdf) Supporting Children during a Divorce  (website Link)
Home Safety Checklist  (Pdf)  



Natural Mosquito Repellents

Helping a child to deal with grief and sadness   (Pdf)

 Breaking Chain of Infection

  Bullying Among Young Children   (Pdf)

Exclusion Periods Explained 

  Why Do Toddlers Bite? Finding the right response
 What Causes Infection     
Recommended Minimum Exclusion Periods    
  Child Protection    
Domestic violence hurts children too    (Pdf)   Special Needs
Preventing Child Abuse   (Pdf) Ten things every child with Autism wishes you knew  (Pdf)
     Autism Spectrum Disorders  (Pdf)
   Multi Cultural Resources    
Supporting children learning English as a 2nd Language  (Pdf)    Child Care Rebates
 Helping children to appreciate cultural differences   (Pdf)  How Child Care Rebate and Child Care Benifits Works
     Getting Your Childcare Rebate Paid to You Correctly  (Pdf)