Underwater World

1.5 to 2.5 years

Welcome to the cuddly cove!

As our children learn to be active we pride ourselves on balancing the challenges of learning to move with safety, and affection; proving you never too big for snuggly play and story time together.

We love to use music and art to help our little ones learn to express themselves and in this space you can expect loads of laughing and lots of love.

Our educators are passionate about young children and take great delight in every milestone met for every little learner, the excitement can be seen from your very first day.

As the personalities of our children begin to emerge we see the value in giving them chances to make small decisions about their day and begin to encourage their emerging independence.  

Our Outdoor Stimulating Space gives opportunities to dig, move, play, dance and ride together or even just chill out with some painting, drawing or reading in a quiet space.

Our options in Under Water World are endless!